Thursday, November 23, 2006

Psalm 105: Thanksgiving

Speak your praise to God.
Call His Name with thanks
Publish His work abroad
Sing of Him alone
Tell His acts out loud
Glory in the Name of Jesus

You who seek the Lord
Rejoice in your deepest heart

Look to your Lord
See His strength
Seek His face always
Remember His wonders
His miracles
His judgements

You, His servants
You, His children
You, His chosen
You, His believers


You are the Lord our Father
You have passed judgement in all the earth
You remember Your Covenant forever
You remember Your Promise to the last trumpet
The Covenant You swore with Yourself
The Covenant You embraced

You confirmed Your promise to Abraham.
You confirmed Your Oath, and your Law, and Your Covenant
To Your seed in Abraham.

You preserved Your Kingdom
From the day it was one family
While they were strangers in the land of Your promise
You kept them from harm

You grew them into your Kingdom
When You made them sojourn in Egypt
They endured harsh treatment from Your enemies
And under them, Your kingdom grew strong
And You delivered them

You delivered them by the mighty power of the Passover
By the death of the first born
By the death of the lamb
By the roasting and eating of its flesh
Your Kingdom was released to Your promises

Through David and Solomon,
You showed the greatness of your Kingdom
By your prophets,
You showed the holiness of Your Kingdom
By Your silence at the end,
You showed how great would be Your final work

You were born in the trough of a barn
Helpless and subject You grew
Covenant Maker and Keeper,
King of all kings
You obeyed Your mother and Father

When the time was full,
We saw Your Light
We heard Your Words
Words of Life, judgement and perfection
Words that kept Your covenant

You brought Life to earth
Food for the poor
Words to the deaf
Light to the blind
Freedom to the captives
Forgiveness for rebels
Your kingdom

And then You sealed your Covenant
With Your Blood
In that You had sworn by Yourself
You kept Your Word
You bought for us everything You had brought
You bought for Your Father everything He had desired

Life, pure and undefiled
Life, virile and fertile
Life, eternal and unchanging
Life, by creation's most impossible mystery

The wrath of God flowed
The fire of Your anger
Against all that was not good
In Your creation
Roasted You, the Lamb
And all Your creation was made clean

The Seed was buried behind a stone so,
Your eternal kingdom is come
Your Spirit is poured out on us
Your Life multiplies within us
Your Will is made known to the angels
As we live it out on earth

We know You
We see Your face
In a glass, darkly
Because You have bought us this grace

You have made us alive to You
You have made us alive to Love
We rejoice in all Your feasts
And we do all that You have commanded
Thank You for awakening us

Praise to You

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