Monday, November 20, 2006

Psalm 23 -- Let me trust my shepherd

Lord Jesus, help me to trust You as my shepherd
To believe You will meet all my needs
When my wants are overwhelming.
To be willing to lie down at Your command
And cease from striving
For I cannot make myself;
To let You choose my pastures
And to drink of You
In every bitter thirst.

Lord, let me yield my soul to You
To the Potter’s hand, the Refiner’s fire,
And the tenderness that breaks me.
That I might be remade
According to Your plan.
Work Your righteousness through me
For Your glory, not my own.

When You lead me through the shadows
When fear overwhelms me
When my soul feels crucified
And my self is put to death
Let me trust in the mercy of Your presence
And be unafraid in You.

In the very place where the Accuser
Has torn my hope to shreds
And I drown in guilt and shame
This is the very place You meet me
And crown me in Your righteousness
And hold me in Your arms
Grace overflowing
Floods my deepest wounds,
And washes me so clean.

Let me hold fast through all things
To Your certain promise
I will not be separated from the love of Christ.

1 comment:

Odepoke said...


Have I inflicted my own wounds? Was it my errors that wounded me?

I don't know.

But the Accuser reminds me I am to blame. He shouts in my ears the things he dares not whisper in the Throne Room. Into the darkness, he casts his black light, and odd, distored visions of my life fill my mind.

But You, You crown me in Your Righteousness - worthily, because of what You did. Praise Your grace, You wrap me in Your arms, and remind me that You paid for those sins, too. And that You overcame my enemies, my Accuser, and even my weakness to save me.

Your Truth flows into my wounds, takes away the poison.

You will heal me.

Praise Your care.