Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Psalm 42: Part 2 - Remembrance

Jesus, my soul is crushed.
So, I will remember You
I will remember You on Golgotha
I will remember You in Judea
I will remember You in the Holy of Holies

Your deep Waters call forth the water in me
The sound of Your Father stirs the well in my heart
Your waves of Life overflow me

Your love will find me in the day
Your sweetness will sing through the night
And I will call to You in my prayer

I will say to You, my Rock
Why did Your Father forget You?
Why did He allow Your enemies to surround You?
Why did He allow them to pierce Your side?
Why did He let them mock You
And ask where Your Father was?

Why do I collapse?
And why am I shaken?
Hope in Jesus
I will yet praise Him Who has gone before


Milly said...

Why was I chosen to die for?

Odepoke said...

Tis Mercy all, immense and free,
And oh my God
It found out me.

Amazing Love
How can it be
That Thou my God
Shouldst die for me.

Maeghan said...

"take this in remembrance of Me"
Remember God - fear Him, keep His commandments for this is man's all.