Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Welcome to Timeless Prayer!

The goal of this blog is simply to allow saints to love the Lord together in word and agreement. In prayer we can minister, not merely of Him or to each other, but directly to the Lord. We can bless Him and love Him as a praying body. We will start by repraying the Psalms in light of the full revelation of Jesus Christ.

Where we will end depends upon all of us together.

Please comment on this post (or any other) to begin sharing your own timeless prayers here.


Weekend Fisher said...

It sounds great. Hope I have time to participate because this is one of the more edifying ventures I've seen on the blogosphere in awhile.

japhy said...

I'd like to participate from time to time, sure.

Odepoke said...

Great news!

It appears that you need to send me your Beta Blogger email login address. Mail it to the address listed in my profile here or at FHC, and I will send you an invite post haste.