Saturday, December 2, 2006

God Over America (Psalm 138)

Jesus, I love you with all my heart.
In the face of wealth and power and politics, I will praise You

I will bow myself to heaven, where You are my temple
And I will praise the Name of Emmanuel
Your love brought You to me, and You finished Your work
You kept Your Promise to save your People
And Your work is more famous than fame

Before I ever called on You, You ransomed me
You encouraged my heart. I could not stay away

May all the CEOs of the earth praise you, Jesus
When they hear what you have done

May they sing how You worked salvation by Your Blood
And the glory of Your resurrection

The Word is exalted as God, and yet He suffered for the lowly
But did not come near the proud

Though I walk in the midst of greed,
You renew my life as a fountain
You stretch out Your hand against those who plot for my heart
By the strength of Your weakness and death You save me

Jesus will prove His church true
Your Love will never waver
Do not abandon Your kingdom, Jesus

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Kansas Bob said...

(C)Odepoke collaborating on another blog ... is bloggerville ready for this? You rock Kevin!