Sunday, January 21, 2007

Letter to a Young Lady


1 and 16
Dear child of God I've birthed across the sea
I write of Him Whose grace set you apart
I pray the day I see whom you'll grow up to be
Olympas, Prisca, saints, all with one heart

In Christ is God's own Holiness revealed
The world, both Jew and you, were lost in sin
But grasping Him you're found and cleansed and healed
Our Head obeyed, and we gained life in Him

He bathed in death that you might rise up free
You drowned but rose, for holiness you're meant
Now live in Christ a branch of The true Tree
Enfolded in His timeless, kind intent

The holiness indwelling you flows through
To fruit of zeal, humility and grit
Give to each one the love that you've shown true
And to one King together you'll be knit

In love lift up one voice to praise the Son
And lift up all by word and deed well done


Milly said...

So good!

blest said...

Holy pentameter, Batman! This is awesome! And I am notoriously stingy with poem praises.

Might I make one humble suggestion? This line:

I pray the day I see whom you'll grow up to be has one too many pairs of syllables. How about I pray the day when you'll grow up to be

backing away in supplicant fashion...