Tuesday, November 28, 2006

based on Psalm 2

Lord, I see the kingdoms of this world in turmoil
Contending against each other with futile posturings, rage and violence,
Like dogs tearing at each other
Over a meatless bone.
They stand against each other –
Yet with each other too,
For they recognise in You, Lord, their common enemy.

The kingdom of Jesus threatens them,
Displaying how empty are their gains,
How foolish all their boasting.
Nothing shows up the follies of this world
Like the cross of Christ.

But You are the king, established forever.
All the kingdoms of this world fall to dust before You:
The One that the nations crucified
Was exalted by the Father.
You are lifted up so high
And the ones who fought against You
Are now Your own possession, to do with as You please.

Lord, I pray for us all
(and my own rebellious heart)
That wherever we raise up strongholds
In defiance of Your name
You will humble us and teach us,
Now, in the time of Your mercy,
To abandon our foolish pretensions
And take refuge in You alone.

For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
Are Yours for evermore.


Maeghan said...

I like your post.
We always have to remind ourselves that whatever fights or politics that happen even in our own backyard, Jesus is still King and everything pales in His presence. I pray that we will always be filled with Christ and we will always abide in Him.

codepoke said...


Praise the Lord. This one is going to get some play around my neighborhood for sure. :-)

Your kingdom is come, Jesus, and you honor those who see. Cut through the mists that blind us, and we'll praise Your Majesty.