Thursday, November 30, 2006

Psalm 29: The Psalm of the Seven Thunders/Voices

Give praise to the Lord
Give Him praise all you creation
Give praise to the Lord
Give Him glory and strength

The voice of God
Is over the waters
Is thundering over many waters

The voice of God
Is powerful

The voice of God
Is full of majesty

The voice of God
Breaks the trees
Breaks the firmest of trees

The voice of God
Flashes flames of fire

The voice of God
Shakes the wilderness

The voice of God
Makes the deer give birth
Makes the forests bare

We are in His temple
We cry to him, “Glory!”

The Lord
Sits enthroned over the floods
Sits enthroned forever as king

Give us strength
Give us peace

1 comment:

Odepoke said...

And the Voice of God was made flesh, and He dwelt among us.

I think I may have to go out to the woods and shout this one. Praise the Lord.