Thursday, November 16, 2006

Psalm 93

Jesus reigns, robed in majesty,
wearing the scars which are his glory.

He has conquered, His strength is proven,
His holy love made manifest
in everlasting glory.

You called the world into being by Your Word
Your church has been birthed through Your blood
And the gates of hell will never stand against her

For You are on the throne
And you are the Head of us, Your body,
you shall bring us into Your eternity
Where You are everlasting King.

Symbol of chaos, the seas rise up,
The powers of this world seem to mock Your everlasting reign,
Their voices cry out against your truth
They manifest destructive dominion...

So what? Our Jesus is unassailable.
King of Kings, Your truth endures,
and no one can diminish it.

Lord adorn us with Your Holiness
till we reflect Your everlasting splendour.


Milly said...

So powerful
So much love

Odepoke said...

Your Blood birthed us.
Your Life shed made us alive.

Your Blood cleansed us.
Your Life given made us clean.

Your Blood overmatched the oceans.
Your Life at war delivered us.

We are alive, clean, and delivered up to You!

Thank you, Lord!