Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Psalm 99: Jesus, the Holy One

Jesus reigns:
Let the people tremble!
The Holy Flesh sits on the Mercy Seat:
Let the world be shaken!

Jesus is great in His kingdom
And He is Head over His body
Let His church praise the Name found worthy
The Holy Name

The King bought justice by defrauding Himself
He established fairness at His own expense
He passed judgement on the church
And made her righteous by His own guilt

Exalt Jesus our God
He raised us to His right hand
And made us holy to stand in His presence

Peter and John, His disciples
And Paul, born out of season
Called on His Name
They called Jesus Whom they knew
And the church was made clean!

He was their Oracle
He was their Law
He was their Practice

Jesus, You answered them
You cleansed them
You tore down their every invention
And nothing separated You from them

Exalt Jesus, our God and Deliverer!
Worship with His holy people
For Jesus our God is holy

1 comment:

odepoke said...

There is much to be terrified of, in a God Who would willingly suffer and die to cleanse the ones He loves.

We overlook much. We ignore much. We befriend those we love, and give them our love freely, in whatever state we find them. Jesus could not. He died rather than take in one that He loves who is not holy, as He is holy.

He did not overlook our imperfections to love us. He took them away.